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    AUG 17 2015

    The School that Turned Chinese

    The School that Turned Chinese

    What if the UK adopted the Chinese education system?

    Mandarin Film has worked with BBC2’s new series ‘The School That Turned Chinese’ taking five teachers over to the UK for a month to teach British students using traditional Chinese techniques. As part of the show they sent a small production team to China to film the teachers and students in their usual classes and also at home with their families.  Shooting took place for a week in April/May in Hangzhou and Nanjing.  Mandarin Film supplied production support, research, logistics and equipment for the shoot, involving finding and securing permission to shoot at some new schools in the area where we got some great footage of the teachers and kids in their home environment – including some amazing choreographed mass activities…

    So far so run-of-the-mill for a Mandarin Film co-operation with the BBC, but what happened next has got people both in China and the UK pretty excited…

    Before the second episode (of three) has even been aired, Chinese cyber-space has exploded with shares, likes and comments.  Traditional media have also picked it up and some have some pretty staggering figures….


    The series is provoking real debate both in the UK and China on the relative merits of their education systems and what’s best for our kids.  Stay tuned for the denouement in episode three, when we find out which education system ‘wins’ as the kids are tested in key subjects.

    The series is currently being shown on BBC2 in the UK:

    BBC program Are our kids tough enough? Chinese School

    The Guardian The Guardian Review

    In a world where everyone is chasing the ultimate viral video, this appears to be one of only a few that is both viral AND intelligent! Take a look and let us know what you think.

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